Air Safari, Rafting, Camping in Rishikesh


Rishikesh is a very holy pilgrimage city. There are millions of tourists from far away. Rishikesh is known for the yoga, spiritual peace and air safari in the world. Tourists from abroad adopt the culture here. Air Safari is a great option for entertainment here. If you want to come here and do something new to the people then Air Safari is the best option for such people. Your Air Safari will help a lot to see Rishikesh from above. By this you can see Rishikesh surrounded by hills, which you might not see from below. Air safaris or rafting or camping all these events give us happiness and by doing them we live healthily for a long time.

Air Safari 


Air Safari is a very adventurous experience for everyone because its adventures are somewhat different. Haridwar Rishikesh Tourism is such a company that gives you the excitement of air safari. By coming here you can make your Air Safari’s journey very memorable, for this you will be provided with every possible facility. Air Safari is a fun way to look and explore any beautiful place on the sky with high-end equipment such as Para motors, Para-glider and powered parachute etc. By this, we can see Rishikesh and every beautiful place nearby. Rishikesh is a very beautiful city, so everyone wants to see it above, so Air Safari has become the main mode here.



The Rishikesh’s  Ganga river is very far away, it is called Ganga Mata here, it is considered to be a sacred river. You can enjoy rafting in Rishikesh’s river Ganges, the advent of rafting here attracts foreign travelers. The river rafting here is famous in the world. Rapture in the Rishikesh surrounded by hills, is the pleasure of rafting here you will find rafting in only a few states of India, but the fun here is that you might not have it. If you are a rafting lover, but Rishikesh can be a better option for you, the greenery and beauty here will make you crazy. Rafting people have already been a passion, but the lack of equipment required for rafting reduces the enthusiasm of the person. Haridwar Rishikesh Tourism offers you the very best rafting facilities through which you can make your rafting memorable forever.



Situated in the foothills of Uttarakhand, this Rishikesh has been the first choice of people since ancient times. The beauty here, the beautiful Ganga  river, and the clean air pulls people up. Under the open sky in Rishikesh, where cold cold winds are running, would not like to camp in such a place. If you are fond of camping, then we can arrange a better camping which will always be remembered. Here you can make this time more beautiful and memorable by camping with your family, friends, or your company’s employees, like Valley View Camp , Marine Drive Beach Camp, Riverside/Beach Rafting Camp, Jungle Camp. Camping gives you a wonderful adventure; here you learn how to practice. Camping is in both winter and summer seasons. Camping teaches you a lot. Nowadays in this part of the race, very few people have time, which can do this kind of camping. But it should not ignore us because such events fill a new energy in our life. We must definitely go to a similar event in a year or two, neither we are doing injustice with our body and mind.


Jungle Safari at Rajaji National Park & IYF 2018 Rishikesh


rajaji-national-park-packagesRajaji National Park is a place to roam in the winter; it opens from November to June. This time it has been opened to roam, you can go here with your family. You can hire a car jeep to roam here, which will be used to roam the park. This is the most famous Wildlife Sanctuary in Uttarakhand.

Jeep Safari from Haridwar city:

Pick up & Drop Haridwar City (Railway Station)
Nationality 1 2 3 4 5 6
Indian INR 2583 INR 2807 INR 3030 INR 3203 INR 3376 INR 3550
NRI INR 3450 INR 4193 INR 4936 INR 5629 INR 6322 INR 7015

India Easy Trip Pvt. Ltd. provides this service. Here you can see lions, cheetahs, elephants, deer and many other types of animals. The beauty here can leave a deep impression on you.

International Yoga Festival 2018 us for international yoga festival 2018. Yoga has been an important objective of everyone’s life since the beginning. India Easy Trip Pvt. Ltd. Provides yoga services.  Haridwar has been a major place for yoga, due to its ancient pilgrimage city, yoga can also be found here. World famous yoga guru Baba Ramdev is also a resident of Hardwar who has made the Indian Yoga an identity throughout the world.

Haridwar has been a symbol of reverence and peace since ancient times. Today, we have become so busy in this run and race life that even on our body, we are able to meditate. Yoga not only improves our body but also removes tears of the head and thousands of diseases. By doing yoga we can live a lot, it improves our lifestyles.

Now there are so many benefits to yoga, so why do we delay. We organize a very large festival festival every year like this. If you want to join the Yoga Festival, you can also register on our site.

Our International Yoga Week Program

  • 02 hour Yoga classes at 06:30 am
  •  Simple breakfast at 09:00 am to 01:00 pm
  • Yoga Meditation sessions at 10:30am to 01:00 pm
  • Simple Lunch at 01:30 pm to 02:30 pm
  • Yoga Meditation sessions at 02:30 pm to 04:30 pm
  • Evening tea break at 04:30 pm to 05:00 pm
  • Yoga Meditation sessions at 05:00 pm to 07:00 pm
  • Evening Ganga ceremony (Ganga Aarti) bank of river Ganga
  • Special culture programs, dance or songs from 07:15 pm to 08:30 pm
  • Dinner at 08:30 pm

Auli Skiing Lovers Most Favorite Destination

Auli is one of the most beautiful places of the Himalayas there is a lot of snowfall in winter. Because of which it attracts tourists on its side, tourists from around the world come to visit. It is most favorite tour place of tourists. Auli’s journey in winter can remove your entire year’s fatigue and you can fill a new excitement. In the winter holidays you can get bored by staying at home and be forced to live in the house.

Beauty of Auli

Therefore, to make this time more fun, Auli’s option is great, you can refresh yourself here. The beauty of this and the greenery of it can make you feel like a different world, clean and tidy rivers that are flowing quietly, can give you inspiration. Throughout life, we learn, there is no limit to learning, even after coming here we learn something or something and take newness too, which we keep on remembering throughout life, I believe that in such a place we should go every year and make memorable. Our nature is very beautiful, we cannot even imagine its beauty, it is so beautiful, and all this is for us. So why do not we take advantage of it while creating it for us only, then why do we forget the beauty of nature.

Attraction for Skiing Lovers in Auli 

The hill place is a very good example of the beauty of nature, if the beauty of nature is anywhere, then it is such a place, there is a lot of snow in January, which is covered with snow cover after snow fall. It covers from the white sheet of ice in the winter, which looks very beautiful to watch. Auli is a very favorite destination for skiing, due to its slope of 2500 meters to 3000 meters; it offers exciting opportunities for both beginner and professional skiers. Auli’s skiing field has the world’s best skiing fields told by French and Australian experts.

Himalaya’s tall and long peaks spread in Garhwal are thrilled for the skiers. The snow falls so much that there is a layer of 3 meters deep snow. Here is a distance of 3 km for the skiers that fit exactly according to international standards. The skiing tour of Auli becomes memorable for the skiers. Here the beautiful location and culture here gives a message to the world. In this place you can enjoy skiing in the slopes of Auli. There is a very open space for skiing here.

Skiing Festival in Auli
This is the best place for skiing in India. Here you can also ride horseback. Now the skiing festival will be held in Auli in January 2018. This skiing festival will start from Jan 27 and run till 18 February. This festival is held every year in the cold season which is very exciting.  Now for the skiing fans, for 10 -20 km cross-country run is now available. The time of Delhi to Auli tour is 10 hours by a car.  And another way is by air service, from the Delhi airport you have to take flight to Dehradun airport. There are many travel agencies organizing tour to Auli but we have to choose the best that can give us better facilities.

How to reach Auli

One such firm is India Easy Trip Pvt. Ltd.  Who organize tours in India anytime anywhere? All your needs are kept in mind, everyone likes it; It can help you to enjoy a lot of relaxing skiing tours of the Auli. To get such a cool place in the winter season, there is a need for luxury car and there is also a long distance tour, the seats should be all comfortable. In this situation, we should find the best facilitating company. Auli is a very cool place. Here the temperature drops below 0 degrees in January, and then in this condition we should also come to save ourselves from the cold. It is about 15 km away from Joshimath . You can use the car to go here too, it is considered to be a very sacred place for Hindus.

Jungle Safari at Rajaji National Park Will Open 16 Nov 2017

Rajaji National Park of India-

Rajaji National Park is nestled between the Indo-Gangetic plains and the Shivalik ranges. This park is predominantly formed from dense green jungles that make it a habitat for a number of animals. This park came in the light in April 2010 when a forest fire which started on the fringes of the park, spread out over a large area and threatened the Chandi Devi Temple. The park is best place for the distribution for both elephants and tigers in India. This park is also a noteworthy residence of mountain goat, goral. It is mainly confined to the precipitous pine-covered slopes with the huge pachyderms, nimble goats and huge herds of chital. Barking deer, sambar, hog deer, wild pigs, nilgai and sloth bears also inhabit these forests though you may not always catch a glimpse of these. The common langur and rhesus macaque are fairly common here.

It has more than 500 elephants, 12 tigers, 250 panthers and good prey base including spotted deer, wild boar, two kinds of bears Himalayan Black and Sloth and over 400 bird species.

The tigers and leopards are the prime predators in Rajaji National Park. The jungle cat, leopard cat, civet and yellow-throated marten are other carnivores. Mammals like the jackal, hyena and the bengal fox scavenge in the park. The Himalayan black bear can be sighted in the higher reaches of the park. Broadleaved deciduous forests, scrubland, riverine vegetation, pine forests and grasslands form the range of flora in this park. The dense jungles here are home to vivacious wild species. The varied topography of this park is also responsible for vivid animal life inhibited here.

Chilla (Rajaji National Park)-

Chilla is a wilderness area and part of Rajaji National Park in India. It is known as an electricity creator area in the Pauri Garhwal district in the Indian state of Uttarakhand. It is also well known as a wild tourist place of Uttarakhand, standing in the middle of Rishikesh and Haridwar, nearby Ganga Bhogpur.

History of Rajaji National Park-

In the year 1983, Rajaji Wildlife Sanctuary of Uttarakhand was merged with Motichur, Rajaji sanctuary and Chilla wildlife sanctuaries and made into Rajaji National Park. The park has been named after Late Sri C. Rajgopalachari, a famous freedom fighter and first governor general of India.

Visit Rajaji National Park-

Haridwarrishikeshtourism offers you a memorable jungle safari at Rajaji National Park at best price. The jungle safari at Rajaji National Park starts from 16 November 2017.

Entrance Fees at Rajaji National Park-

Entry fees for Indian Visitor – Rs. 150.00 per person for 03 hour Jungle Safari at Chilla Range. Entry fees for Foreign Visitor – Rs. 600.00 per person for 03 hour Jungle Safari at Chilla Range. Additional camera fee – Rs.50 for foreigners. Movie camera fees are extra.


Timings Jungle Safari Rajaji National Park-

There are two time schedules. Morning 06:00 AM to 10:00 AM is first safari and second safari time is 02:00 PM to 06:00 PM.

Things To Do At Rajaji National Park-

  • Jungle Safari: You can enjoy the jungle safari at this park and get a chance to view the wildlife at this park.
  • Jeep Safari: Gypsies and other jeeps are available on hire from the gate for Jungle drive. You can hire a jeep for your jungle safari.
  • Elephant Safari: Elephant safari at Rajaji National Park opens a vista of enchanting wildlife in pristine and unadulterated form and the park will open 16 November 2017 for jungle safari.

If you are interested, you can book your Visit Here