Air Safari, Rafting, Camping in Rishikesh


Rishikesh is a very holy pilgrimage city. There are millions of tourists from far away. Rishikesh is known for the yoga, spiritual peace and air safari in the world. Tourists from abroad adopt the culture here. Air Safari is a great option for entertainment here. If you want to come here and do something new to the people then Air Safari is the best option for such people. Your Air Safari will help a lot to see Rishikesh from above. By this you can see Rishikesh surrounded by hills, which you might not see from below. Air safaris or rafting or camping all these events give us happiness and by doing them we live healthily for a long time.

Air Safari 


Air Safari is a very adventurous experience for everyone because its adventures are somewhat different. Haridwar Rishikesh Tourism is such a company that gives you the excitement of air safari. By coming here you can make your Air Safari’s journey very memorable, for this you will be provided with every possible facility. Air Safari is a fun way to look and explore any beautiful place on the sky with high-end equipment such as Para motors, Para-glider and powered parachute etc. By this, we can see Rishikesh and every beautiful place nearby. Rishikesh is a very beautiful city, so everyone wants to see it above, so Air Safari has become the main mode here.



The Rishikesh’s  Ganga river is very far away, it is called Ganga Mata here, it is considered to be a sacred river. You can enjoy rafting in Rishikesh’s river Ganges, the advent of rafting here attracts foreign travelers. The river rafting here is famous in the world. Rapture in the Rishikesh surrounded by hills, is the pleasure of rafting here you will find rafting in only a few states of India, but the fun here is that you might not have it. If you are a rafting lover, but Rishikesh can be a better option for you, the greenery and beauty here will make you crazy. Rafting people have already been a passion, but the lack of equipment required for rafting reduces the enthusiasm of the person. Haridwar Rishikesh Tourism offers you the very best rafting facilities through which you can make your rafting memorable forever.



Situated in the foothills of Uttarakhand, this Rishikesh has been the first choice of people since ancient times. The beauty here, the beautiful Ganga  river, and the clean air pulls people up. Under the open sky in Rishikesh, where cold cold winds are running, would not like to camp in such a place. If you are fond of camping, then we can arrange a better camping which will always be remembered. Here you can make this time more beautiful and memorable by camping with your family, friends, or your company’s employees, like Valley View Camp , Marine Drive Beach Camp, Riverside/Beach Rafting Camp, Jungle Camp. Camping gives you a wonderful adventure; here you learn how to practice. Camping is in both winter and summer seasons. Camping teaches you a lot. Nowadays in this part of the race, very few people have time, which can do this kind of camping. But it should not ignore us because such events fill a new energy in our life. We must definitely go to a similar event in a year or two, neither we are doing injustice with our body and mind.